Lately, especially today after the announcement that the American President doesn’t feel it’s necessary to commit to stopping, or at least slowing, climate change, I have started to see (and hear) a lot of anti-America chat, and worse, a lot of anti-AMERICAN chat.

I have loads of American mates from my time travelling around the world sleeping on couches, as well as time I spent working at both Facebook and Twitter, both big American (but global) companies. And not one of them is ignorant, insular, uncaring about people or the environment, or stupid. They are in fact some of the most compassionate, empathetic and kind people I know.

Americans are not Donald Trump.

Please don’t be tempted to slip into the kind of baseless xenophobia which you yourself would direct towards their president.

Because when you say things like that – even about him, which I am just as guilty of – it makes us no better than him.


  1. John Davis

    Totally agree. One person doesn’t make a country!

    • Nick Bowditch

      Luckily … I have probably given Australia a bad name to a few if that was true!


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