For the majority of time that I was at school I wanted to either be just like the coolest and most popular kids, and if that wasn’t possible (which for some many reasons it wasn’t haha), then I just wanted to be like everyone else. Fit in. Don’t be weird. Don’t be different.

But limiting yourself and the type of person you are and want to be, is just so … well, limiting.

Think about the people in your social network who you believe make a big difference in other people’s lives (even just in your own social network). Are they the people who you would have thought were the cool, popular kids at school? Or are they a bit different?

And think about the people in the world who are making actual differences. Are they those people from school who you admired and so wanted to be? Probably not.

I fully believe that it’s the people who are different who make a difference.

And one of the biggest freedoms I want to give my children is that they can be as different as they want to be, and I will support them and love them and cheer for them no matter what.

We are all given an amazing gift when we are born, and that is that we are allowed to grow into the person that any of us wants to be. It took me a long time, but I really don’t care what – or who – anyone else wants me to be anymore.

I want to be me. Weird. Different. Me.