I am a successful (and unsuccessful) entrepreneur, a storyteller, a marketer, an addict, a mental health advocate, a sexual abuse victim, and someone who lives with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

I am also a survivor. 

I used to be really overweight, really erratic and difficult to be around, and really unhappy. But through a process of personal discipline and completely changing the way that I think, I have managed to get back in control of my life, and now I am helping other people do the same.

As the only person in Asia-Pacific to have worked at both Facebook and Twitter, I am also a thought-leader in using social media as a storytelling tool for businesses and individuals alike, I am a sought-after keynote speaker, and I travel nationally and internationally encouraging audiences to reboot their thinking, to be the very best versions of themselves, to FINALLY start owning and telling their OWN story, to discover their resilience and their true voice, to realise that what other people might see as their ‘flaws’ are actually their ‘superpowers’, and to find their kindness. 

Would you like me to come and speak at or MC your event, conference, team off-site, or meeting?

All of my media appearances and speaking gigs are handled by my agent, Carson White, from Leading Voice Speakers. You can either check out my speaking page by clicking here, or click on the button below to email Carson directly.



I am a Global Speaker.

I travel the world now speaking at events and conferences about the art of storytelling, and the importance of owning your story in an empowering way. Read more about my speaking here

I am a Best-Selling Author.

I have written two books about the importance of telling your story – and LIVING your own story, warts and all. Read more about my writing and get my books here

I am a Podcaster.

I think that podcasting is not only a great way for me to tell my stories, but also a great way to encourage other people to do the same. Click here to check out my podcasts and subscribe.

I am a Coach and Therapist.

I help people get past blocks in their personal and professional lives by helping them TELL THEIR STORY. Read more about my coaching and therapy programs here.



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I am really fortunate to be able to travel around the world speaking on stage at events and conferences, MC’ing full programs, delivering motivational keynote presentations to corporate teams at off-sites, meetings, and symposiums, and conducting full day team-building programs that focus on both professional and personal growth. You can find out more about my speaking by clicking here, or you can contact my agent, Carson White, on 0499 811 817 (if calling from within Australia) or +61 499 811 817 (if calling from outside of Australia) or click here to email him


I write a lot about mental illness, entrepreneurial mental health (including my own), and mindset and growth. I have written one best-selling book, Reboot Your Thinkingand the successful follow-up book, Actually, it IS all about me, and am currently finishing my new book, Steel Snowflakes, Why our kids will be the best adults ever made. I also do some ghost writing, and writing assignments and copywriting. If you are interested in commissioning me for some writing work please contact meand if you want to check out my books, you can click here


I love working one-on-one with my coaching clients to help them move towards being the best version of themselves. Whether it’s personal or professional development, I use my range of skills picked up managing people in both small businesses and startups, through to managing people at both Facebook and Twitter when I worked there, as well as utilising my formal qualifications in counselling, my mix of mentoring, coaching and therapy is both unique and really effective. If you want to learn more about my coaching, you can click here

Are you ready to grow?

Are you ready
to grow?

I come from a strong business background, both in small business and startup businesses of my own that I have grown and sold (and failed in), and also big, dynamic businesses having worked at both Facebook and Twitter, as well as consulted with other corporate giants like Google, Qantas and Uber

And I know one thing for certain: your business cannot grow unless you do. 

But, with the right mindset and with your entrepreneurial mental health as good as it can be, your business will grow right in front of you, I have seen this in many of my clients, and I would love to see it happen for you too. 

When you are ready for your business to grow, and if you would like me to help you with that growth, contact me

And it’s just as true that you can have the best business idea in the world, have all your systems and operations in place, great staff, great turnover, and even great growth, but if you are not in the right space mentally, one of two things can happen: you can start to impede that growth or, worse, you won’t be able to enjoy it

I know what’s it like to be at the top of the game and have your own mental state bring it all undone, and now, I know what that’s like with my mental health in good shape, and the second one is really what I wish for you.

I specialise in entrepreneurial mental health, and how to put the right checks and balances in place so that you know you won’t subconsciously sabotage your growth and happiness into the future. Are you ready to grow? Let’s chat, contact me by clicking here




I know that, sometimes, and some subjects are better interacted with when there is a bit of anonymity. So in The Superhumans, YOU choose your username which can either be your actual name or an alias you choose.


Every month, we have a different theme to focus on and determines the content that I talk about and encourage conversation around in the forum, as well as blog posts and other content shared in the community during that month.


In line with the theme of the month, you will also received guided meditations that you can listen to either on your phone, or your computer, or in the car. These are a great way to focus on the theme as well as be more mindful.


Each month, members will receive a podcast episode that will feature a special guest reflecting on the theme for that month, and talking about how their different way of thinking about things has actually become their superpower.


The group is for members of The Superhumans only, and is a very safe place for us to talk, share, teach, and collaborate. You can communicate with each other in the group and make your own reflections on the monthly theme.


This training is conducted live in the Facebook Group every month, and is a way for you to either just sit back and listen or you can ask questions, make comments, and interact with each other as a big group and live in the moment.


The videos which won't be published anywhere else but in The Superhumans community will be my own videos, as well as video content from other people who I think we can learn from or maybe even be a little bit challenged by.


Every Monday morning, you will receive an email directly into your inbox from me which will reflect on the week's content before, give you a few links and posts to check out, as well as give us the chance to set some goals for the coming week. 


The Superhumans will get exclusive discounts on loads of great products, including my own books, coaching, and speaking opportunities, as well as amazing offers from some of my partners doing similar work.


Exclusive to members of The Superhumans, there is also a private online community forum where we can all share and ask questions and help each other grow. It's going to be a vibrant online community and it's just waiting for you to dig in.

Get ready to grow.

And that growth can start with your first 30 minute session with me. This first consultation, which will be conducted over Skype, is absolutely free of charge, and 100% obligation-free. In fact, it might be the only session you and I need to do together. You have absolutely nothing to lose. To arrange our first 30 minutes together, click on the buttons below to either chat to me on Messenger, or email me via my contact page, and let’s go!


The New Keynote: Reboot Your Thinking. Think Different. Be Better.

This is the keynote that has been a long time coming, and I am really proud of it. In 2016, I wrote a book, Reboot Your Thinking, and it became a best-seller. The book is about how I have learnt to change how I think, and through a new resilience, realised that my ‘flaws’ are actually my Superpowers. I have applied this work to my health and fitness, how I live with mental illness and addiction, and how I have gone from being a victim of sexual abuse to being an advocate for others who have been through a similar experience. In this keynote presentation, I happily share the steps that I employ in my life now to be fit, healthy, strong and resilient. Audiences have been surprised, moved, and entertained by this keynote, and I would love to share it with your audience as well. 

To have me deliver this presentation at your conference, event, team offsite, or corporate meeting, please call my agent, Carson White, on 0499 811 817 (from Australia) or +61 499 811 817 (from outside Australia). 



28 Days to Think Different, Be Better.

Reboot Your Thinking is about how I use 28 daily themes – including fun, mindfulness, boldness, happiness, kindness, shame, guilt, anger, failure, resilience and connection – to think differently and move further towards being the best version of myself. This workbook is full of practical strategies to help you:

* recognise and deal with fear
* overcome low self-esteem
* reflect on and learn from the difficult times in your life
* find your authentic self
* become more connected with others
* improve your life every day.

Learn how to see the world through your eyes, listen to the words being said about you with your own perspective, and be kind to yourself.

This is my best-selling book, and I am really proud of it. To read more about it, or to grab your own copy, click here


How being selfish can actually be selfless.

 From the time when I was very little, I was told that ‘the world didn’t revolve around me’.

I grew up believing that being ‘selfish’ – whatever I thought that was – was one of the worst things I could be. If nobody was selfish, then everyone would get enough of what they wanted, and everyone would live happily ever after.

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. Not for me, and not for many people in my generation who were taught the same thing.

I put everyone’s needs and wants before my own, and even before my own physical (and spiritual) safety. It wasn’t just me though, of course. My whole generation did that. And my parents’ generation. And their parents.

But I don’t want that for my kids.

I want my kids to know that they don’t have to get their esteem from anyone, or anything, else. I want them to know that their value was equal to any other human baby born on the same day as them, and that won’t ever change. I want them to know that their primary concern in life should first be about themselves, everyone else in their life – including me – can be considered after they consider themselves.

And I want them to know that no matter what kind of relationship they find themselves in, or who they find themselves in a relationship with, they will still be the most important person in their own lives, and should always put themselves first.

To read more about it, or to grab your own copy, click here


Why our kids will be the best humans ever made.


And THIS is my new book. It is for two different types of people only. Firstly, it’s for the people my age and older, who can see that the way we do and did things, and the way that things were done to us, might not be the best way to do them now. We can see that our parents – even though they were doing the absolute best with what they had – didn’t always do a bang-up job of bringing us up.

And the other group of people this book is aimed at is the steel snowflakes themselves. Most of the younger generation today probably aren’t even aware of the huge changes they have already brought to the world and its thinking, nor what they will continue to bring in the future. For them, this book is designed as a celebration of that change, the blank canvas that they have in front of them now to design their own lives, their own careers, their own parenting styles and their own children, their own world.

To read more about it, or get a sneak peak sent to you, click here

Get ready to grow.

And that growth can start with your first 30 minute session with me. This first consultation, which will be conducted over Skype, is absolutely free of charge, and 100% obligation-free. In fact, it might be the only session you and I need to do together. You have absolutely nothing to lose. To arrange our first 30 minutes together, click on the buttons below to either chat to me on Messenger, or email me via my contact page, and let’s go!