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Please check out my best-selling book, Reboot Your Thinking, and the follow-up, Actually, it IS all about me, below. 

Reboot Your Thinking

28 Days to Think Different, Be Better.

The Blurb

Reboot Your Thinking is about how I use 28 daily themes – including fun, mindfulness, boldness, happiness, kindness, shame, guilt, anger, failure, resilience and connection – to think differently and move further towards being the best version of myself. This workbook is full of practical strategies to help you:

* recognise and deal with fear
* overcome low self-esteem
* reflect on and learn from the difficult times in your life
* find your authentic self
* become more connected with others
* improve your life every day.

Learn how to see the world through your eyes, listen to the words being said about you with your own perspective, and be kind to yourself.

“This book is intended as a ’28-days-in-a-row’  kind of thing. Honestly, though, you will see some sort of benefit if the 28-day program takes you 280 days to compete, just as you will definitely see a benefit from going through the 28 days every 28 days, over and over again.”
Nick Bowditch

Who Is This Book For?

‘Reboot Your Thinking’ is for anyone who wants to change the way they think about things, anyone who wants to think different and be better. It’s for people who live with addictions, mental health disturbances, mood disorders, and for the people who live with people who do.

But it’s also for anyone who feels like some days are tougher than others, for anyone who wants to change their reality by first changing the way they view the world. This is a great book for anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves tomorrow than they are today.

What Will You Learn?

After reading ‘Reboot Your Thinking’, you will have a better understanding of why you think things they way you do, what trauma has happened in your past (even if you are largely unaware of it) that affects your thinking today, and, importantly, how to be mindful of those things in order to start healing and moving towards being the very best version of yourself.

Most of all, you will learn the importance of owning your own story, being open and honest with yourself about the things that make you different to other people, and remembering how to love yourself so that you will be able to love others more deeply, and experience life more fully.

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Actually, it IS all about me.

A book about putting yourself first, why it’s important, and how to do it.

The Blurb

From the time when I was very little, I was told that ‘the world didn’t revolve around me’.

I grew up believing that being ‘selfish’ – whatever I thought that was – was one of the worst things I could be. If nobody was selfish, then everyone would get enough of what they wanted, and everyone would live happily ever after.

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. Not for me, and not for many people in my generation who were taught the same thing.

I put everyone’s needs and wants before my own, and even before my own physical (and spiritual) safety. It wasn’t just me though, of course. My whole generation did that. And my parents’ generation. And their parents.

But I don’t want that for my kids.

I want my kids to know that they don’t have to get their esteem from anyone, or anything, else. I want them to know that their value was equal to any other human baby born on the same day as them, and that won’t ever change. I want them to know that their primary concern in life should first be about themselves, everyone else in their life – including me – can be considered after they consider themselves.

And I want them to know that no matter what kind of relationship they find themselves in, or who they find themselves in a relationship with, they will still be the most important person in their own lives, and should always put themselves first.

Who Is This Book For?

‘Actually, it IS all about me’ is for anyone who wants to challenge their own thinking a little bit, and anyone who wants to re-sort their life so that their own identity is stronger, and to help them to be able to put themselves first more often.

It’s for anyone who feels like they are not at the top of their own pyramid of attention, love and commitment, that they put everyone else first and neglect their own needs, and they fear that one day they might start to resent everyone else in that pyramid that they have sacrificed everything for so long, in order to care for them more than for themselves.

What Will You Learn?

After reading ‘Actually, it IS all about me’, you will have a better understanding of two things: WHY you put everyone else’s needs before you own, and secondly, how to start to heal and be more assertive and confident in having your own needs met in the future.

You will learn why people have always told you ‘it’s not about you’, the difference between narcissism and self-support, how to reclaim your space at top of your own pyramid of, how to convince other people of your worth – including those you really shouldn’t have to convince, how to heal your inner child and why that’s so important to all of us adults, the difference between forgiveness and acceptance, and how to reimagine everything by reparenting yourself now as an adult.

Reader Reviews