My Personal Growth Coaching program has been really successful lately in reaching – and helping – people who become my coaching clients in times outside of their normal working hours, and outside of their workplace.

We work on issues around their self-esteem, self-awareness, mood disruptions, mental health challenges, addictions and obsessions, and relationships.

But as successful as it has been lately, and as much as it has grown, because I generally don’t work on weekends, a big part of the market has been unable to get this kind of coaching, and working on the parts of themselves that they would like to improve.

Add in the number of people who have challenges specifically related to their work and their workplace – as well as the growth of small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have a team that can work on coaching in-house, and there is a definite gap in the management of mental health in these workplaces that is only going to increase.

So, after recently completing testing of a similar program with great results, today I am proud to announce my Workplace Personal Growth Coaching Program, available from today, whether you have a large, corporate business, a new startup, or an established small or medium-sized business.

The program includes either me or one of my coaches coming in to your workplace and working directly with members of your team – all confidentially and with privacy assured – on areas like:

* career counselling
* personal growth
* conflict resolution
* transitional empowerment
* confidence and assertiveness
* communication improvement

The one-on-one sessions with your team members can be conducted in person, and in your workplace, or via Skype. If you choose to have the sessions in your workplace, and you work outside of Sydney, Australia, travel arrangements need to be included in your invoice.

Each workplace can purchase a pack of either 3 sessions for up to 10 employees, or 3 sessions for up to 20 employees. All of these sessions need to be conducted within a 3 month period from the first session.

If you require more individual sessions, or sessions taken over a longer period, a bespoke arrangement will be made for you.

Do you want to give your team members the gift of personal growth, and in doing so, ensuring the overall growth and happiness of your team – and your business?

Email me at [email protected] and let’s chat about starting off your own Workplace Personal Growth Coaching Program today.