I am an addict. And I am really interested in addiction in younger people, because in so many ways, the world is now so much more ready to accept and help people with addiction than it has been in the past. 

The biggest difference in how addiction is treated in 2018 as opposed to when I was a child, is that there are now medically-based treatment programs, whether as an inpatient or conducted in the community, that are run by medical professionals, backed by published research, and monitored by psychological and psychiatric practitioners.

For a long time, recovery treatments were conducted and overseen by people who weren’t formally trained, largely because addicts were shunned – and shamed – by the medical community, and therefore they sought out help from each other.

This is basically how 12 Step programmes were born. 

It is now widely understood – and the Snowflakes are getting the benefit of this now – that addiction is a disease, it’s not a weakness, and as a disease it should be treated medically and out in the open, just as other chronic diseases are treated. 

Check out this episode of Steel Snowflakes: addiction.

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