Most of us are – for some reason – terrified that people will find out what really goes into building our business, or creating our products or services, why we price them the way we do, where that money goes and so on.

But guess what? That’s exactly the sort of thing that the market really wants to know about.

Giving people a ‘peek behind the curtain’ lets people see that you are fallible, that you are NOT lucky, that you work hard and so do other people involved in getting the product to market, and you become a real, authentic, truthful, and infinitely more likeable person in the process. 

In this episode, I talk about showing people what really goes into the production of your services and products, and your business itself, tell people what the first few iterations were like, the mistakes you made, the things you wouldn’t do again, and what it means to you and your family and your employees’ families when someone buys something from you.

All very engaging stuff, and all a missed opportunity for most of us.  

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