I have spoken at TEDx, and all kinds of events ranging from corporate business conferences to 12 Step Conventions and everything in between. I speak about the power of storytelling, the importance of getting it right, and the freedom from financial struggle, identity confusion, addiction, mental health challenges, and the clarity of purpose that effective storytelling can guarantee.

I have a collection of keynote presentations that change from time to time (see below), however some of my speaking clients prefer me to create something bespoke for them, which I am happy to do also.


They will learn the importance of, and the power of, storytelling in today’s world, and how to better use their new storytelling skills throughout the life, both in professional as well as personal settings. 

They will leave with a renewed confidence by owning their own story a bit more.


Whether it’s a keynote address or as the MC for your event, I bring three important things to every speaking job: preparation (briefing sessions before the event, getting to know you and your attendees), engagement (an entertaining and compelling presentation), and follow-up.

Also, because I have a dedicated agent, all of the administration and communication before, during and after the event, is ensured to be efficient and not confusing. Having worked at one of the countries largest speaker bureaus, and managed many speakers through thousands of speaking engagements, my agent, Carson White, takes care of all of your needs and makes sure that my attendance and performance at your event runs smoothly. 

Nick has received some of the highest scores and some of the best feedback we’ve ever received from any speaker we’ve ever used. Now, that’s not an easy feat I should point out, we’ve had speakers including Michael E Gerber and Oren Klaff, just to name a few, and Nick has consistently scored higher than anybody.

Entrepreneur and International Speaker, Kerwin Rae.

Nick is one of the most unique, authentic and inspiring speakers we have ever had at our events. The audience had a good mixture of both laughter and tears.

Hancock Creative

Nick knows his stuff and you won’t find a more informed speaker and innovative thinker. I’ve booked Nick to speak at several of my events over the last 4 years, and put simply: Nick rocks! 

Terri Cooper Events

Having worked with Nick on numerous occasions, I can absolutely guarantee that he delivers on his promise. Audiences love him, and I have absolute admiration and respect for his speaking ‘kick-assedness’. Book Nick and every expectation that you have will bed exceeded – and your audience will have a blast.

Entrepreneur and International Speaker, Kerwin Rae.

Easy to listen to. Nick was a real standout. Intelligent, funny, authentic.

Divorce Resource

The best.

Online Marketing Australia



This is the keynote that has been a long time coming, and I am really proud of it. In 2016, I wrote a book, Reboot Your Thinking, and it became a best-seller. The book is about how I have learnt to change how I think, and through developing a new resilience, have realised that my 'flaws' are actually my Superpowers. I have applied to work to my health and fitness, how I live with mental illness and addiction, and how I have gone from being a victim of sexual abuse to being an advocate for others who have been through a similar experience. In this keynote presentation, I happily share the steps that I employ in my life now to be fit, healthy, strong and resilient. Audiences have been surprised, moved, and entertained by this keynote, and I would love to share it with your audience as well.


I love this new presentation. I have been delivering it at both conferences AND smaller team workshops, off-sites, or company days. This presentation is all about the people working AT a brand, as opposed to the brand itself. It talks about change, and growth, and the things that hold us back (fear, criticism, and wondering 'am I enough?') and the things that can propel us forward (focussing on fact, being good at storytelling, and leading with kindness).  It is the perfect balance between business development and the development of people in businesses. It is, however, just as helpful for audiences that are not business-related. It deals with emotional and important themes


Nobody wants to be sold to, in fact most of us don't even want to sell! But we all love stories. Storytelling is the glue that holds most communities and cultures together. And we can all use this ancient art to increase sales in our business, and financial freedom and  happiness in our lives. In this keynote, I teach the audience to look for the motivations in people through their stories. WHY would someone want to purchase your product or service and not someone else's? WHY would they even be looking for your product or service in the first place? We get caught up on price and features and benefits, but in this presentation I show the audience that none of that matters, it's all about the WHY that is sometimes very well hidden in our stories.


I am proud of the fact that I am the only person in Asia-Pacific to have worked at both Facebook and Twitter, and the only person in the world to have worked in marketing at both brands. In fact, I was the person who founded the small business marketing team for Facebook in Australia and New Zealand, and helped build out that team in Asia after that. Which means, when it comes to being able to help your audience sell more product, and build a stronger business online, I am uniquely placed. I know a lot of tricks and secrets, and in this keynote, I share them with you and your audience. There is a lot of 'noise' on these online platforms, let me show you how to stand out above it all.