Steel Snowflakes.

Why our kids will be the best adults ever made.

The Blurb

This is the 3rd book from breakout writer, Nick Bowditch, the best-selling author of Reboot Your Thinking.

Steel Snowflakes is about the millennial generation, those that malign then, WHY they malign them, and how despite all that, these snowflakes will end up being the best adults ever made.

The book explores the great disparity between this ‘Snowflake Generation’ compared to other generations, and in particular in the areas of how they will discipline their own children, their ideas around education, inclusion, and tolerance, how they are able to both explore and express their feelings in a much healthier way, how they feel about work, religion, relationships and technology, and how things like politics, gender, and mental health fit into their lives.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for two different types of people only.

Firstly, it’s for the people my age and older, who can see that the way we do and did things, and the way that things were done to us, might not be the best way to do them now. We can see that our parents – even though they were doing the absolute best with what they had – didn’t always do a bang-up job of bringing us up.

For those people, the point of this book isn’t just to rub their noses in it and blame them for everything that’s wrong with our generation today.
It’s to remind them that change is possible, and that they can still be the agents of that change. It’s probably true that our grandparents didn’t (or couldn’t, it doesn’t matter) change perceptions and thoughts and practices around parenting and philosophy much from what they learned from their parents.

Our parents didn’t. And, probably, by and large, we haven’t either.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t make that change now. As the storyteller, Nicholas Sparks writes, ‘It’s never too late to do the right thing’.

And the other group of people this book is aimed at is the steel snowflakes themselves.

Most of the younger generation today probably aren’t even aware of the huge changes they have already brought to the world and its thinking, nor what they will continue to bring in the future.

For them, this book is designed as a celebration of that change, the blank canvas that they have in front of them now to design their own lives, their own careers, their own parenting styles and their own children, their own world.

Reader Reviews

“Such an interesting way to look at the generations. Changed my mind about a few things when it comes to millennials.”
Carol D, Sydney

“Look out, the new wave of Superhumans is coming!”
Neil H, Auckland

“The ravings of a leftard loonie. God help us.”
Keith, Mt Isa

“What a bunch of virtue-signalling crap.”
Monroe, Maryland