There’s nothing like a sense of community and belonging to make you feel more connected and part of something bigger than yourself. Conversely, there’s nothing like disconnection to stimulate the less than desirable stuff in us: isolation, fear, addiction, self-loathing.
I created The Superhumans Membership as a way for people who live with similar stuff every day to come together and just be part of a community that is safe, non-judgemental, and ready to accept all of us with all of our uniqueness.
People who are entrepreneurs, who work in startups, or own, operate, work in small businesses or in the non-profit sector, in charities, causes, or social enterprises, are disproportionately represented in mental illness demographics. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, or other mood disorders.
So The Superhumans Membership as a resource and safe community for everyone who works either in their own business, or for someone else in a business, and may have something going on for them that makes them a little bit different.
I often speak about how I have chosen to reframe my own mental illnesses instead as my ‘superpowers’. I feel like the more I relate my mental illnesses as flaws or defects of character, the more they became just that.
So … if you, like me, have some ‘mental uniqueness‘, but (a) it doesn’t define who you are and (b) you want to reframe your story and be a superhuman like me, I would love you to join this community.



They are people just like you: copywriters, carpenters, graphic designers, nonprofit founders, nurses, CEO’s, firefighters, journalists, social workers, retail workers, startup owners, coders, marketers, entrepreneurs, athletes, speakers, writers, tradesmen, and politicians. 

They are change-makers, and they are good people.

But they are all just a little bit different. And that’s why we are such a strong community. We know what it’s like to feel a bit different, even if nobody has ever known we were or even that we felt that way. We don’t judge people for who they are, or what they’ve done, and we are all just trying to do our best. 

We are parents, and children, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, and everything in between. We don’t have to worry about being judged or not fitting in to this community, because in THIS community, we are all allowed to just be us. Without judgement.

It’s pretty awesome to just be yourself. Unashamedly. If that sounds good to you, we’d love to welcome you into the Superhumans membership too.




I know that, sometimes, and some subjects are better interacted with when there is a bit of anonymity. So in The Superhumans, YOU choose your username which can either be your actual name or an alias you choose.


Every month, we have a different theme to focus on and determines the content that I talk about and encourage conversation around in the forum, as well as blog posts and other content shared in the community during that month.


In line with the theme of the month, you will also received guided meditations that you can listen to either on your phone, or your computer, or in the car. These are a great way to focus on the theme as well as be more mindful.


Each month, members will receive a podcast episode that will feature a special guest reflecting on the theme for that month, and talking about how their different way of thinking about things has actually become their superpower.


The group is for members of The Superhumans only, and is a very safe place for us to talk, share, teach, and collaborate. You can communicate with each other in the group and make your own reflections on the monthly theme.


This training is conducted live in the Facebook Group every month, and is a way for you to either just sit back and listen or you can ask questions, make comments, and interact with each other as a big group and live in the moment.


The videos which won't be published anywhere else but in The Superhumans community will be my own videos, as well as video content from other people who I think we can learn from or maybe even be a little bit challenged by.


Every Monday morning, you will receive an email directly into your inbox from me which will reflect on the week's content before, give you a few links and posts to check out, as well as give us the chance to set some goals for the coming week. 


The Superhumans will get exclusive discounts on loads of great products, including my own books, coaching, and speaking opportunities, as well as amazing offers from some of my partners doing similar work.


Exclusive to members of The Superhumans, there is also a private online community forum where we can all share and ask questions and help each other grow. It's going to be a vibrant online community and it's just waiting for you to dig in.



I don’t think it is.

I want this community to be accessible for ALL of the Superhumans, not just those who can afford it. I have plenty of ways to get revenue from my speaking, writing and coaching, but I would rather make this membership an option for almost anyone like us to join us. 




Seriously. I told you it was accessible to almost anyone. That’s right, for just $7 per month you will get themed content, guided meditations, monthly podcast, access to the exclusive and private Facebook group, the live group coaching, exclusive video content from me and loads of other amazing content creators, coaches and teachers, the weekly email, and a whole bunch of exclusive discounts. 

No tricks. No extras. $7 per month. That’s it.

Just fill out the form below and let’s get started today!